Marriage in just One Dollar | How can it is possible ?
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Oct 09, 2019

Marriage in just One Dollar | How can it is possible ?

New York: Can a dollar note match two hearts? Yes, it is possible even now a day. Jason answers this question “yes”.

The repeated exchange of a dollar note caused the marriage between the two souls. Jason W, describes his story on a social site Reddit. He writes:

"When I was in junior high school, I liked a girl very much and kept expressing her love in bold words. One day while walking to a fair from the school, we stopped at a gas station for a while.

From where he bought me a packet of chewing gum. I gave him a dollar but he refused to take that dollar. So I secretly slipped the note into his pocket. Then he quietly put the same note back in the pocket of my bag and thus one dollar note was circulating around us again and again.

We used to do this funny thing to return the notes to each other. Once I mailed that note to her house. Later, he returned the one-dollar note to me hide it in chewing packing.

Then I decided to offer her to date with me with one dollar note. I wrote on the note: 'Will you date with me? She replied, “Yes”.

After four years I still kept the same dollar note for myself. The day we had our first birthday of love, I wrote "Will you marry me" at the bottom of the one-dollar note and gave it to her?

Is it works for marriage in just one dollar note

He also said Today we have been married for 15 years and we have three lovely children also after marriage. This one dollar note is still safe with us today as the best memory of our life.


Describing his story in an interview Jason said that one is truly in love; a one-dollar note is enough to merge the two hearts for marriage.

After reading this story, social media users also got emotional. Some said that a romance movie could be made. One user commented, “you are lucky to get the full one dollar note back again and again”.

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