Elections in Pakistan and public opinion
By: Hamza Rana
Jan 24, 2024

Elections in Pakistan and public opinion

On the 8th of February 2024, the general election will be held in Pakistan there is a lot of hype in the political atmosphere of the country and as always one party is under state operation or claiming that they are under heavy pressure by the state and other law enforcement institutions.

In the last 76 years since the independence of the country in all general elections after the results were announced most of the parties blamed the electoral system or the state that they rigged the elections and they gave unknown favours to the opposite party. In the general elections of 1971, this whole political chaos and instability became the result of the independence of East Pakistan and the new country of Bangladesh came into being.

Right now, the situation of the whole political system is quite complex PTI a party that was previously in the federal govt claimed that their party is under state pressure and they are not free to do their political activities also their candidates are terrified that’s why their election campaigns are not in full swing.

Other political parties like the People’s Party and the Muslim League Noon claim that the political sphere is going normal and the election commission is committed to conducting free and fair elections.

The problem is that in every election in Pakistan, the electoral system is still traditional and controlled by a caretaker govt also there is no electric voting system so because of this there are many loopholes in the whole process and it will give great favour to the parties that are ruled by industrialist and feudal landlords.

As the result of all this in the 21st century we are still backwards a third-world country with lawless reform and a society where might is right is the state policy and everybody is in this race from a layman or the head of state.

Hamza Rana

Hamza Rana

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