Will China Overtake the Us | A Brief Overview
By: Hamza Rana
Sep 05, 2019

Will China Overtake the Us | A Brief Overview

A super power is defined as a country that has global influence over others in cultural, technological, military and political spheres, and china is emerging as a strong contender to this position.

while the U.S.A has been the world's super power for decades, escalating political tension between the U.S and China, especially the renewed trade war and recent criminal charges against Chinese compony Huawei, leads many to wonder: is china become the next superpower.

Reasons Why china will be the Next superpower

According to my personal views and thoughts the rapid changing situation of the Asian region and the also the influence of china on Asian European and African countries may change the whole scenario and according to the world think tanks latest reports china is so far replacing united states in many parts of the world in terms of trade and also in terms of influtional strategic positions.

Especially after the deployment of first Chinese foreign military base in African country Djibouti is quite alarming for the world's current and only super power the United States of America. Some experts thought that the nexus with Russia and Pakistan and other central Asian countries helping china to challenged U.S super power status.

With the passage of time especially after the 9/11 and the afghan war the United States is not in very comfortable condition and now after the long afghan war on terror U.S accepted its defeat and in the Afgan peace process with Taliban united states wanted that Pakistan, China, Russia and other gulf countries like Saudia Arabia, Qatar to intervion and facilitate the Afghan peace process.

So in this way we can say that if the Afghan peace process become successful and united states will withdraw all his forces from Afghanistan then china can super easily take over the Asian region politically, economically and also militaraly. That is why on Afghan peace process American govt and establishment is not on the same page. Anyways time will tell what will be happening soon because in my personal views by the next year 2020 the situation gets more clear and easy to understand.

Lets hope for the best and ready for the worst. But now the world waned a change, is that change is super power China, let's see.....

Hamza Rana

Hamza Rana

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