Qamar Javed Bajwa Speech About Kashmir on the Pakistan Defence Day
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 06, 2019

Qamar Javed Bajwa Speech About Kashmir on the Pakistan Defence Day

Qamar Javed bajwa : On the defense day of Pakistan, Government, Army, all the agencies, and the population of Pakistan decided to celebrate this occasion with the solidarity for Kashmir and for the martyr of Pakistan’s and also a martyr for Kashmir.

Pakistan Experiment of Ghaznavi Missile:

Remember that Pakistan also did a successful experiment of Ghazni blastic missile before defense day. The range of Ghaznavi missile is more than 290 km/h.

On this day Qamar Javid Bajwa also narrates that Pakistan will always stand with Kashmir and will never leave kashmiri’s people alone.

Speech of General Qamar Javid Bajwa on defense day:

Army chief General Qamar Javid Bajwa addresses in GHQ and said that there is a blood of martyr in the roots of Pakistan. He also said whenever Pakistan is in trouble the young blood (Son of Country) always there to support Pakistan that’s why there is no power on earth that can damage Pakistan.

Army chief General Qamar Javid Bajwa also narrates that Pakistan always gave the lesson of peace and prosperity and this lesson is for all-region and for the rest of the world.

Speaking of Defense day Pakistan, this day has a worth value in the history of Pakistan. This day is celebrated as an annual celebration for the services which were provided by Pakistan’s force and all those who contributed at that time or contributing still.

Pakistan Army will never disappoint the people of Pakistan. The Pakistan army will never hesitate in any sacrifice for the liberation of Kashmir.

Washington(Pakistan America Relation ): On this special occasion, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Randall Schriver also address that Pakistan played an important role against terrorism.

He also said that the Pakistan army and US army are on the same page and we appreciate Pakistan peace in the region.

TOP trend on Twitter is Kashmir:

Today the most top trend on Twitter is “#Kashmir_bane_ga_Pakistan” (Kashmir will included in Pakistan ). Very soon by the grace of Allah Almighty, this trend comes to reality.

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