Electric motorcycle now available in Pakistan | what’s the cost?
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Oct 10, 2019

Electric motorcycle now available in Pakistan | what’s the cost?

Islamabad: good news for the motorcyclists who are getting annoyed by the rising petrol prices day by day. The electric motorcycle is now being manufactured in Pakistan which can run at just 500 Rs on 50 KM an average speed.

According to the latest news from BBC (Broadcasting corporation), there are two companies in Punjab, Province of Pakistan collaborated to claim a locally build electric motorcycle who worked with electricity instead of Petrol. The most amazing news is that it looks like a traditional motorcycle but it has an electric motor engine instead of a typical petrol engine.

Even through Electric motorcycle has been introducing in Pakistan for more than a decade. The Electric motorcycles which are already available in Pakistan are very expensive and are out of range of all the middle class because they all are imported and cost in millions.

Price and Specification of Electric motorcycle

Breaking news: Usman sheikh from Sahiwal assembled the components used in the manufacturing of Electric motorcycle in Pakistan on commercial basis. The most interesting thing is that this electric motorcycle does not need Gear, kick, Gear livers and oil. This Electric motorcycle is also environmental friendly.

According to today news, Electric motorcycle bikes have a speed of 70 KM and can be charged at homes or at work within 5 hours. These Electric motorcycles provide up to 50 km average which means if a traditional motorcycle consume petrol of 4000 Rs while in Electric motorcycle it will only consume 500 Rs.

News of the day: This Electric motorcycle is 100 % pollution free, noise free and available in very low cost at Rs only 88,000 Rs.

Remember that: Electric Motorcycles and Motor cars are common in multiple countries like in China, Japan and Europe.

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