To save a fish of 1 gram an operation of 40 minutes....!!!!!
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 19, 2019

To save a fish of 1 gram an operation of 40 minutes....!!!!!

To save just a fish of 1 gram an operation of 40 minutes

Bristol, UK: The smallest animal operation in the history of Britain has been successfully done. The size of the fish was just one gram (1-Gram) and he was suffering from a tumor in the fish stomach. This operation takes forty minutes (40-min).

The name of the fish is “molly fish “and the family name of “Molly” is “Gold-fish”.

The owner of the molly fish noticed an abnormal eruption in the body of the fish then he visited the doctor. The owner of the fish was taken to a clinic in High Bristol where the doctors of the Bristol decided to have a fish operation due to the tumor in the fish stomach.

is this a Successful operation by doctors in Bristol ?

Usually, this clinic is used for the treatments of snakes, crocodiles, and iguana but the molly is the smallest animal that brought there for treatment. As the owner brought her fish to the clinic, immediately doctors in Bristol anesthetized fish and perform a highly sensitive successful operation. During all the operation time “Molly” was lying in a liquid and wire was inserted in her mouth so he can inhale oxygen and could survive.

The most difficult task for the doctors in Bristol was to provide anesthetic medication. For the solution of this problem, doctors keep the fish moist by keeping it in oxygen-rich water.

According to the doctors in Bristol, fish that’s named is “Molly” was suffering from high pain that was affecting his swimming process.

Cost of world’s smallest tumor in fish :

This sensitive operation costs £ 100 which means Pakistani 20,000 rupees. After some time “Molly fish” becomes conscious afterward so doctors also allowed him to go home.

This was the successful operation from the doctors in Bristol for the treatment of tumors in fish whose name is “Molly fish”.

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