Horror American Competition to Spend 30 Hour in Coffin
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 16, 2019

Horror American Competition to Spend 30 Hour in Coffin

The reward for spending 30 hours in a coffin 600 Dollar…..!!!!

Maryland: An America theme park with inspiring wonders announces 6000$ reward for those who participate in their competition and spend 30 consecutive hours in a coffin.

Six Flags: An American theme park has announced the completion to spend 30-hour “couples coffin challenge” in which three couples have to stay in coffins for consecutive 30 hours.

When and where this horror competition held?

The horror competition will start from September 27 to September 28, to intimidate participants by the administration of the park. They can use smartphones or any other electronic device only in a specified time. To use smartphones all the time is prohibited.

The participants who wish to participate in this competition must be healthy because they are not allowed out of the coffin for 30 hours except only for food and relief. If any participant leaves the coffins for any other reason will be disqualified and excluded from the horror competition.

How much Reward you will get in this American competition?

Also, there is a cash prize of 600$ of this competition, the winning couple will also be given the double passes of “Gold Season” and the freight fest prize package.

However, only three (3) pairs will be selected for the competition but according to the administration of the Six Flags theme park says the received thousands of requests so far.

Not only this, but some of the celebrities also been started sharing photos on social media by lying in coffins who wishes to participate in American competition. Some people also make fun of this o social media but most of the people appreciating this kind of competition.

Remember that: most of the couples are agree not for cash prize only to enjoy this horror competition with his partner.

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Dec 9 2019
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