Electric supply company Big announcement | what’s new cost of electricity unit ?
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Oct 10, 2019

Electric supply company Big announcement | what’s new cost of electricity unit ?

Islamabad: According to the latest news from electric supply company, NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory) has issued an official notification for increase and reduction in electricity power rates.

According to the latest news, National Electric power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) increased electricity price adjustment in July by Rs 1.78 Paisa. NEPRA also issue notice to make electricity 0.13 paisa cheaper.

According to this breaking news, Electricity has been increased by 1.78 paisa in July fuel prices of electricity by electric supply company .This increase in electricity prices will put an additional burden of 24 billion 60 Crore on the consumers of electricity.


Total Subsidy from NEPRA

On the other hand, National Electricity and power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) also issued a notification to reduce electricity price by 0.13 paisa per unit in June price adjustment. According to this latest news, consumers of electricity will receive a relief a Rs 60 billion in the fuel price adjustment by electric supply company.

According to today news , electricity will not be cheap and expensive in June and July for the consumers of electricity who use less than 50 units in a month.

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