Oil Prices in International Market Rises due to Saudi Arabia Attack
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 16, 2019

Oil Prices in International Market Rises due to Saudi Arabia Attack

Riyadh: Drone attacks on oil wells and Plants of oil in Baghdad which is under processing. As a result of this Saudi Arabia attack, Saudi Arabia faces severe financial losses.

The fire engulfed a large area while it was being watched and caused considerable financial news. Rescue forces and firefighter have overcome the fires after a hard struggle.

Which terrorist organization claims Saudi Arabia drone :

Saudi Interior Ministry: The Saudi Interior Ministry confirmed the news of Saudi Arabia attack but did not declare any further details of how total loss of life and finance.

Although no terrorist organization has claimed the responsibility of this Saudi Arabia attack. The rebels of Neighbor country Yemen often attack such missile attacks. The video of this accident is also available on social media which shows the clouds of smoke rising and flames of the fire talking from the sky.

Aramco: Aramco says this is the largest crude plant in the world. He also said once in February 2016 Al-Qaida also attempted a suicide attack on oil plants.

US PRESIDENT: On Saturday night the president of United States Donald trump blame this attack on Iran. But on Monday Iran dismissed all the allegations that were imposed on Iran by America.

Oil prices in international market after Attack :

The result of this Saudi Arabia drone attack causes several changing worldwide like oil prices in international market rise after Saudi Arabia attacks oil installation. Because Attacks on the oil wells and plants in Saudi Arabia have reduced supply by five (5) percent globally. And the prices reached their peak.

The United States crude oil prices rise 10.68 percent and Brent oil fuel rise to 11.77 percent in European oil markets. According to US media, oil prices in international market , the US crude oil was $ 60.71 and Brent crude $ 67.31 .

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