Islamabad New Traffic Laws for Driving License According to International Standard
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 07, 2019

Islamabad New Traffic Laws for Driving License According to International Standard

Islamabad: finally the federal government has decided to apply international new traffic laws in Islamabad. They introduced some new traffic laws while driving vehicle with international standard in Islamabad. The decision was taken under the interior minister Ijaz Shah who directed all the under authorities to start the implementation of these traffic laws.

New traffic laws :

The first decision which was issued by them is “no Smoking while driving”, means no one can smoke during his journey. If anyone caught while smoking he will be imposed by a fine .

Secondly , seat belt for the front people in vehicle is mandatory now, means if you caught driving without wearing seat belt you will face a challan.

The interior minister Ijaz Shah ordered all the concerning authorities Islamabad traffic police, Islamabad driving license center, Islamabad police to implemented this law before 30 September.

From when these laws will be implemented by Islamabad police?

From the 1st October these new traffic laws will be implemented by Islamabad police and other concerning departments.

Another traffic law which will be imposed on the citizens of Islamabad is, if three fines imposed on a person then his license will be suspended.

The interior minister also issued an order about SP and duty officer to be suspend if any case of traffic jam happen in their area.

Campaign by itp police:

The campaign of these laws will also be initiates on social media like face book, Whatsapp and other related platforms under itp Islamabad and Islamabad police.

Remember that: Islamabad traffic police is corruption free department. The entire licensee issued contains a specific fee. Don’t give any extra money to any one for license .if any one demand please contact to regarding officer.

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