By: Hamza Rana
Dec 08, 2020


As a human, we mostly spend our life to achieve our goals but time passes we get older and realized that we gain nothing but just a fake name with lots of materialism

The main problem with most of us is that regardless of we belong to any society, cast, or religion we found pleasure in materialistic things which didn’t give us long-lasting happiness but just for the time being pleasure or luxury in fact, most of the time we sacrifice our precious relations for the sake of this fake identity and lifestyle

Man is born free but unfortunately, he made his life so much complex for temporary things, All of us put our struggle in our life just to get that ultimate moment of perfection and luxury but did we get that moment once in our life? I always ask this question to myself, of course not because Almighty Allah made us for some special purpose and if we set our minds regarding that way which Allah has chosen for us we will get ultimate success in this life and the life hereafter but for that patience, hardworking and will to get that ultimate success is the key

Life is the name of sharing caring kindness brotherhood love and emotions. It’s not a race it is the way to make other's life smooth and easy I know it is not that much easy because everybody is not like us but someone has to start because words didn’t work rather you express them or changed them into emotions for others

Spread those things and ideas which gave happiness and positivity because if one face smile because of us multiply it with hundreds and thousands because it’s my firm belief that beneficence never stops.

Never get hopeless regardless of all the circumstances are against us because who create us knows very well what is good for us and his plans are great and complete


People will become the slave of your thoughts

At last, I want to write some of the best lines on the current time. People will become the slave of your thoughts if u think like a king because a king’s mindset made those empires which can never fall until darkness covers the light and ideology becomes a joke, goons become the elite and the ordinary man’s condition is worst then a slave. It means the end of time is near.

Hamza Rana

Hamza Rana

Hamza Rana is young energetic emerging talent & good addition to world of journalism. He started his career as a news reporter...


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