Sindh Government Unbelievable Step for Karachi | What’s happening now ?
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Oct 07, 2019

Sindh Government Unbelievable Step for Karachi | What’s happening now ?

Karachi: the Sindh government has decided to build Pakistan's largest landfill in Karachi which covers an area of 3000 acres and can be useful for another 150 years.

Sindh government has decided to construct another landfill site to dispose of the city. In this regard to construct landfill for Karachi, land has been identified at Dhabeji’s Place which will cover 3,000 acres. Roshan Ali Sheikh: As said by Secretary of the department at first blocks will be specified to separate different types of garbage on Dhabi Landfill site in the next phase, a private company will launch their project to launch to generate electricity from garbage on which Sindh government is serious.

landfill in karachi

Total Garbage of Karachi and total Space of this landfill

The secretary municipality also said that this landfill can collect garbage of Karachi for more than 150 years. It will be the largest landfill site of Pakistan where the city’s garbage can be set up.

Every day 12,000 to 15,000 tons of garbage collected from different areas of Karachi which will be easily laced here.

Roshan sheikh also said that the campaign initiated by Chief Minister Sind Murad Ali Shah “Clean Karachi” also set up a temporary garbage transfer station for urban waste. He also added that there are also two landfills in Karachi but they have very low space to accommodate the garbage of Karachi that’s why the Sindh government allows another landfill in Karachi.

Remember that: There is a very severe condition of Karachi at this time due to the garbage. This landfill for garbage will be very beneficial for the citizens of Karachi.

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