By: Jahanzaib Tanveer
Oct 03, 2019


Since our childhood we were show interest, observe saw in the sky and saw the stars and moon in the planet. When we grow up and find out that stars look like shells fire and looking number of stars many questions come to your mind for curiosity means motivation to find out these questions, space exploration, new discoveries and space program are done by human being.

Our national Poet Allama Iqbal also discussed about space exploration as he said in their poet “I love those young man who put their stars on their shoulders.”


For Space exploration, American space Agency NASA mars mission Curiosity rover is still operating at mars. Curiosity rover is robotic rover machine which goes on mars and it will observe and study give data and pictures for the scientists in which they find out the conclusion (microbial life and water existence).

Now Curiosity rover are sending pictures from the mars and they send pictures of Gale crater that was water lake in the past now had been dry and it sends more same pictures of mars.


Recently scientists discovered Exoplanet which is far away from the earth and it location is on another solar system in which scientists are finding out the water existence and potential life (microbial life, bacteria) that is massive discovery and achievement for scientists.

For next 10 years Scientist will find out gases and they will working on these results. On different planets Scientists have been found water existence but there were not sign of potential life (bacteria, microbial life). In simple words that Potential life also knowing as Aliens


Expert says that NASA has a hand in developing of Silicon Valley. In California Silicon Valley is the hub of technologies all over the world multinational companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc are technologies providing technology because NASA wants these technologies from Silicon Valley which is using in the space mission programs.

In Silicon Valley such as Cutting Edge Technology is manufactured like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, fast internet or super computer, have advance(next level) technologies it helps in daily life purposes and these technology helpful for launch of space stations programs.

Next revolutionary is quantum computing nowadays for researching this quantum computing will be able to next level multiple role working which is more than human thinking and helpful for space technology.


Due to space, direct applications are helpful for daily purposes that is weather prediction satellite tell you before the weather conditions. If you search on google about city climate, it tell you next 15 days weather conditions.

Besides, where you have no access Earth resource observation from space can detect and help in communications like satellite Channels, Streaming, Connectivity through google map, google earth and GPS systems. In this Applications you found out current locations from space and you can street view of other country stadiums. It is very important role in better Security Border Management from space.


pakistan suparco

Pakistan also put its contribution in the space program & have their own 6 satellites in space, last year Pakistan SUPARCO (the space and upper atmosphere research commission) collaboration with China Launched the two satellites; first satellite Pak TES 1A in space for helps in land mapping, agriculture natural resources and environment disastrous conditions. And second satellite help in remote sensing for security purposes.


Space budget must be necessary of your country. America financial budget is $ 20 trillion in which space budget is $21.5 billion which is less than 1 percent of country budget. Only one credit goes to America is working in space researches and space technologies that organization is NASA.

Earlier before there was a tussle between Russia (USSR) and USA both were trying to make domination of world space, both waist their money because that space researches were not genuine space researches, they Researches were only hold and control over the space world.

Nowadays many countries are working on space for peaceful purposes. Space Program should be spent budget at least 1 percent because it is good for humanity, it is helpful for communications, security mapping, weather conditions and also good for children inspiration because children want to become the professional employee of this space field.

Jahanzaib Tanveer

Jahanzaib Tanveer

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