Credit card an arrest warrant in every pocket
By: Hamza Rana
Jan 26, 2024

Credit card an arrest warrant in every pocket

The current financial system was established in the early nineteenth century, followed by the introduction of plastic cash known as credit cards. Bank of America issued its first consumer credit card in 1958, and it also debuted the revolved credit feature. In early 1976, the BankAmerica card was rebranded as VISA, which is today a global enterprise.

Plastic currency was widely used in the first world at first, but it gained popularity in the third world, particularly in Asia and Africa, in the early 2000s. Most tractions and other daily life expenses are paid with a credit card.

The major goal of credit cards is to give the general public false optimism, and if someone regularly uses them, he or she will be under bank debt since credit cards just increase your spending, and your daily life routine will become a slave to this system.

It's a well-known adage that when life is lived on credit, reality becomes an illusion, and this is accurate because most credit card users have everything but it's on bank lease, which is similar to having everything but not owning anything.

The global banking system think tanks are well aware of the general human psyche and have exploited it through various greedy methods, such as when we go shopping or to dinner in a hotel or restaurant, there is a tax on cash payment. Still, if we pay with a credit card, all of the tax is removed. So, banks and multinational financial institutions created these incentives to get them used to it.

So, the conclusion is that plastic currency or credit cards are nothing more than a trap, and I would say an arrest warrant in your pocket. The reason for this is that if you do not repay the bank within the time frame specified, you will be in serious trouble, and the consequences will be far worse than we think.

Hamza Rana

Hamza Rana

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