Latest Online Research On Sleeping Late at Night
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 18, 2019

Latest Online Research On Sleeping Late at Night

Massachusetts: A recent online research study revealed that girls who are newly awake late into the night , who are more likely to obese, have a higher risk of developing obesity than girls of the same age who goes to bed early.

This study conducted in Massachusetts USA register 800 children aged 12 to 17 and monitored their development for almost 20 years.

Results of Sleeping late at night

At the end of the study, it concludes that the girls who were sleeping late at night at an early age but woke up early to go to the school in the morning this act not only increase their stomachs at later but also accumulate more fat in their pubic area. Although not significant, still it plays an important role to increase their body weight.

Another the most surprisingly study of this online research is, these effects were not noticeable in boys, but the experts say that more detailed and careful research is needed on late night waking boys which will be entertained later.

Impacts of sleeping late at night

New York City: Some experts also disagree with the result of this online research, but Dr. Steven Fine Silver from the center of sleep and medicine at Lenox Hill hospital says it is observed from past years that who suffers from lack of sleep (sleeping late at night) faces the disturbance of their two hormones that are directly related to keeping their appetite check and balance.

The details of this study were published in the online Research journal “JAMA Pediatrics” on 16, September 2019.

After the above discussion of online research, it is clear that to sleeping late at night and wake early in the morning can be dangerous for boys and girls both but this act can be dangerous much for girls.

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