Donald Trump ban Chinese companies | which companies fall in this crises?
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Oct 09, 2019

Donald Trump ban Chinese companies | which companies fall in this crises?

Washington latest news : US sanctions 28 Chinese companies and individuals for minority misconduct and human rights abuses.

According to the International News Agency, Donald trump president of United States has blacklisted 28 Chinese companies and individuals in the allegations of alleged violations of the rights of the Muslim minorities in China.

According to the latest news by US, under the ban, these companies and individuals will not be able to trade with US companies until the White House administration issues a permit for these companies.

Wilbur rose: In this regard of breaking news, US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Rose told the media that the Chinese companies that have been banned include surveillance equipment maker Hook Vision, artificial intelligence companies Magwe Technology and the Sense Times.

flags of US and china

News of the day of United States: US also say The United States will not tolerate brutal violence against minorities in China.

Relation between America and china

The trade war between America and China began just as Donald Trump came in charge as the President of America, after Trump becoming President; these two countries have since been raising tax rates on each other’s imported goods.

Remember this latest news : Economic talks between the two countries took place on Thursday, two days later. The process is about to begin but it seems to be failed after new restrictions appearing on Chinese companies by Donald Trump

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Dec 9 2019
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