Govt allowed privatization process  – including LESCO and ISCO
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 20, 2019

Govt allowed privatization process – including LESCO and ISCO

Islamabad: In a meeting of cabinet privatization committee, Govt allowed almost a dozen government agencies to start the privatization process including LESCO and ISCO.

LNG Power Plants:

The privatization committee has allowed a transactional structure for the strategic scale of 2 LNG power plants operated. These LNG power plants are owned by NPPMCL (National power parks Management Company Limited) which is managing by the Government of Pakistan. By selling these powerhouses Government is expecting total non-tax revenue of Rs 3 trillion.

The government intends to do privatization of these two power plants this ear to achieve specific financial goals.

privatization commission of Pakistan :

Cabinet privatization committee also decided to privatized IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company) and LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company) in an atmosphere of non-cooperation by the power decision.

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh: The chairman of cabinet privatization committee Dr. Abdul Hafeez sheikh also criticizes the ministry of power (LESCO and ISCO) for their non-cooperation behavior. He said their non-cooperation behavior leads to the privatization agenda of the dumb institutions. He also added to the Ministry of Power either they assist in privatization or they inform the prime minister of Pakistan about his concern.

Ministry of Finance: According to the remarks issued by Dr. Hafeez Sheikh, he also approved in the meeting to the participation of State life Insurance Corporation and also IESCO and LESCO in the program of privatization of these plants.

privatization of education

Remember that: Government of Pakistan also cogitates about the privatization of education i.e. schools and colleges and handover them to NGO’s for the better system.

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