Thief Arrested Himself for Watching TV Channel for Free Like Free Kit in Prison
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 17, 2019

Thief Arrested Himself for Watching TV Channel for Free Like Free Kit in Prison

Paris: there are free kits, there are more free kits then there come such free kits .a 25-year-old thief from France overtakes everyone and shows up for compensation. He arrested for free to watch the outgoing TV channels as it is possible for prisoners to watch the same channel for free.

In the French city of Toulouse, A young thief (name not declared) made some splash in various places and deliberately left clues that easily be captured. After this act police arrested the young man within a few days. As police arrested the young man he calmly confessed his crime to which he was jailed. .

why this thief do this shameful act?

The thief lawyer told French media that he was a young thief, but now this time he has deliberately arrested himself because he wants to watch France’s famous channel “Canal Plus” for free. For ordinary citizens, this channel has a monthly subscription fee of 10 Euros (1730 Pakistani rupees) which is significantly higher than other channels. .

Being a frequent government guest as a prisoner, he knows that prisoners in French prisons can watch this channel for free, saving up to 10 Euros a month. The passion for watching Canal plus channel for free was so intense that the young man deliberately arrested himself. .

Remember that: this is not the first case of deliberate crime to go to jail. A few years ago, a man also robbed himself of a dude by robbing in a bank so he could stay away from his wife. .

How many prisoners already done the same act before to come in prison?

Same as it, one incident also occurred earlier this year when a Florida resident confessed to police that he wants to be arrested and go to jail instead of returning home to his wife. So much so, this is the first case of watching television free channels in jail. .

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Dec 9 2019
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