A lady whose Name is Alice Peng with 96-year-old is Asia’s oldest model.
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 24, 2019

A lady whose Name is Alice Peng with 96-year-old is Asia’s oldest model.

Honk Kong: if you take a look around the world you will notice that most of the Asia top models start their career in the age to 18 to 30 years but in Japan the oldest model whose age is 96-years-old Alice Peng started her modeling career when she reached the age of 93.

The birthplace of Alice is in Hong Kong. She always takes care of herself by wearing decent happy clothes. She is a positive thinking old lady also with a conscious mind about her health, body, and clothes. That’s why even at the age of 96-years-old she still looks beautiful and dignified. And ranked she is on top in Asia top models.

How Alice become oldest model :

Alice Peng came in Modeling due to her granddaughter. Alice’s granddaughter saw an online AD for modeling that requires an old lady of 65-years-old as the oldest model. Alice’s granddaughter sends the pictures of her Grandmother to the concerning department. After receiving the pictures of Alice Peng the fashion agency called her where Alice shows her guts and abilities to them which attracts them and they decided to hire her as a senior model(top oldest model).

The fashion agency praised the nature of her. By the hard-working and good nature of Alice she becomes the top trending model in Asia. When Alice starts her career at the age of 93-year at first she did not feel as an old lady.

Alice was born in 1923 in the city of Japan. She never thought of her all life to become the oldest model. But now she is advertising different products, clothes, and other goods also. Even nowadays worlds famous brands also try to approach her and offering her a good handsome salary.

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Dec 9 2019
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