$100 Billion - Saudi Arabia Investment in India
By: Muhammad Aanish Mujahid
Sep 30, 2019

$100 Billion - Saudi Arabia Investment in India

This news includes information about the Saudi Arabia investment in India. New Delhi: Saudi Arabia shows his possibilities of investment in India. The investment consist of $100 Billion that would be utilized in different fields such as infrastructure, petrochemicals, & mining, etc.

Last week Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador Dr Saud bin Mohammed Al Sati said India is the best and valuable destination of investment. One other thing that he mentions his speech that they want to build long term relation with India.

"Saudi Arabia is looking at making investments in India potentially worth $100 billion in the areas of energy, refining, petrochemicals, infrastructure, agriculture, minerals and mining," exact word that Sati told Indian media about Saudi Arabia investment in India.


saudi arabia vision 2030

As Saudi Arab is working on his vision 2030 “according to their vision they would diversify the Saudi Arab economy while reducing the dependency of their economy on petroleum products.

Saudi Arab goal of investment in India was clear all to us. They want to construct a strong bonding with India that ultimately helpful for Saudi Arab as they can get the benefits of oil, marketing, refining to petrochemicals, lubricants and much more from India.

Saudi Arab Ashamed the Muslim World

Saudi Arab is one of the leading Muslim country and also a region where Islam rise & spread all over the world. Today, they make us ashamed by doing a huge investment of 100 Billion dollars in India.

India, who do brutal activities in the Kashmir. They set a curfew in Kashmir and kill thousands of Kashmiris & do inhuman activities with a human. This step of Saudi Arabia will ashamed the muslin world.

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Muhammad Aanish Mujahid

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