Medical Costume for Newly born babies – how it works ?
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 26, 2019

Medical Costume for Newly born babies – how it works ?

Doctors invent new dresses that will help newly born babies in their breathing process.

Toronto: now a day’s most of the children take birth early from their time. These newly born babies faces difficulties while breathing because of their lung are weakness or the lungs are not fully prepared. For those newly born babies who take birth early doctors take cares them with oxygen masks and also placed them in incubators. But now a new clothing costume has been created for those children which provide proper assistance in their breath process.

For weak newly born babies, doctors use breathing tubes and masks which may causes serious injury to newly born baby’s nose. Due to tubes which are placed on child can also affect the feeding process for both mother and the child.

For the above reasons Professor Doug Campbell of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto invent a complete costume for those newly born babies. Professor Doug Campbell called this machine as “New Vest”.

Working of this Costume for childs

This costume fits the newly born babies’ abdomen and is completely alright. After placing this machine (consume) on child baby’s stomach this is completely airtight. As a baby stomach comes up vacuum is created and when this machine sets down it forces lungs to produce breathe.

Medical costume

Remember that: this vest costume has been tested on a child in Toronto and now they are implementing on all the newly born babies who need.

This vest costume doesn’t damage child lungs. The only problem of this costume is, the skins of newly born babies are very sensitive and the vest which is placed on it can affect their skin. Hopefully this problem will be solved by the doctors soon.

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