Police Caught Dead Frogs in Lahore – What happened with them ?
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 23, 2019

Police Caught Dead Frogs in Lahore – What happened with them ?

Lahore: Five ton dead Frogs caught in a strange incident, two accused arrested.
Lahore police recovered 200-kilo gram dead frogs from an auto-rickshaw passing from Ravi Bridge and also arrest two suspects. Police also starts an investigation to know where and why frogs were being taken.

How Police Catch these dead frogs?

      Express news: According to Express, Mujahid squad recovered these frogs while they were blocking New Ravi Bridge with Barriers. Mujahid Squad feels a rickshaw suspicious in which two peoples were riding. When Mujahid Squad tries to stop Rickshaw, the driver attempted to escape by speeding up rather than stopped but Lahore police failed this attempted and stop them.
After stopping them, Police searched the Auto Rickshaw and found 200 kilograms dead frogs while the two Rickshaw drivers were taking them to a well known Lahore market.

What happened with dead frogs by Mujahid squad ?

Police: According to the Lahore police, these two culprits have been associated with this business for a long time. Police are still investigating where these frogs were supplied and what happened with them and also the Mafia behind this act.
The names of these two culprits are Prince and Azhar. Police send them to the nearest police station and also notified the life stock.
Remember that: About two-three years back, Lahore police also caught “Mafia” who was selling dead Donkey in food. At that time police also caught dead donkeys in tons.
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Dec 9 2019
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