How SMOG IN LAHORE Effects the Human Life - A Deep View
By: Hamza Rana
Sep 20, 2019

How SMOG IN LAHORE Effects the Human Life - A Deep View

Smog in Lahore now becomes one of the serious issue that affects our life. In this article, we share some information about the Lahore smog & what are the major aspects that cause the air pollution in Lahore.

For nearly almost from the last two or three years Lahore the second largest city of Pakistan is changing into like a gas chamber or like airports large smokers lounge.

The air pollution in Lahore from the start of October and till the end of November is actually going very worse. The amount of dust and other harmful industrial waste particles literally block the air and also the sun light, it said that the level of dangerous particulates known as PM2.5, are quite small enough to enter and penetrate deep into the lungs and enter in the main bloodstream, had reached up to, 1,070 micrograms per cubic meter more than 30 times what the government of Pakistan considers the safe limit.

We can literally feel the smoke and the even the smell of it. The basic problem of smog in Lahore, the city which was once called the city of gardens now changing into the city of concrete, we can see everywhere in the city cutting of trees on a massive level in the name of development projects also use of garbage and burning of plastic bags, industrial waste on a mass level.

According to Norwegian satellite reports reveal that in 2007 the city of Lahore is 75 percent covered with lush green fields and trees but in the last 10 to 12 years cutting of trees in the name of social economic activities specially development of real state sector and industrial zones the green area is reduced to just 20 percent , that’s really an alarming situation. The concern departments must take some serious actions against the current situation.

These problems not only limited just to Lahore city, in 2015 , according to a World Health Organization estimate almost 60,000 Pakistanis died from the high level of fine particles in the air and it is one of the highest death tolls in the world by air pollution. According to a recent study the indian capital Dehli and the provisional capital of Punjab Lahore is considered one of the most air polluted cities in the whole south Asia.

According to global index Pakistan is on number 7 in terms of global warming effected countries. We demand that the government should take some serious actions regarding issue of smog in Lahore. And make Lahore city once again the “ city of gardens”.

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Hamza Rana

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