How to give access to your wifi without telling anyone your password? – Informationbae
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 23, 2019

How to give access to your wifi without telling anyone your password? – Informationbae

It is possible to give Wi-Fi access to your friends, family, and relative without telling them your password. In this article, we will tell internet users how they can share their WIFI connection with others without providing them their secret password along Wi-Fi hacking online tools.

A Wifi Password is Your Secret code. In today’s world, most of the people hesitate while sharing their Wi-Fi Password. Most of the people always try to avoid this act. By sharing your secret password to your friends, family, and relative, sometimes you lose your personal internet data but most of the times we can’t refuse our friends, family and guest. Most of the peoples often search WI-FI hacking online tools for the solution of this problem but they fails.

how to use qr code generator for wifi password?

In the race of Technology, there is a solution to any problem which we face around us. By using technology we can easily break anything. Now the question arises, how it can be possible to give access to your password to your friends and guests easily without providing them password .Now a day’s QR code can be accessed your Wi-Fi without showing your wifi password to anyone.

What Changing you should do in wifi password ?

To implement the above methodology there are multiple websites available on Google which can provide facility of qr code generator for wifi password. You should simply visit and select “Wi-Fi Network” or “Wi-Fi login” Enter your Wi-Fi name, Password, then choose WPA, then a QR code will be created on your screen which can be easily downloaded for further use. By qr code generator for wifi password you can easily keep safe your personal data.

After the above procedure your QR code is ready to use now you can easily copy your QR code and make both soft copy or in hard form and can easily be able to give it to your loved ones so they can easily connect your Wi-Fi without your password.

The facility of QR code came to market about two ( 2 ) years back but at that time most of the peoples were not familiar with this technology. Now, this technology has been further improved and can provide the best facilities to our users via both mobile applications and websites as well.

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