Punjab Govt Notification Against Dowry – Who is in Danger Now ?
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 30, 2019

Punjab Govt Notification Against Dowry – Who is in Danger Now ?

The government prepares to fight against those people who demand excessive dowry at marriage.

Gujranwala: According to Punjab govt notification, Punjab Government is ready to arrest those peoples who demand dowry for the girl side at marriage. From now it is compulsory to provide total details of dowry with marriage certificate under the dowry act, and there will be a legal action taken against such rascals.

According to Punjab govt notification, the Government has accelerated the amendment and legislation process to end the curse of dowry from society and to make a peaceful environment for all the young girls who are still single due to dowry.

Dowry act

How to follow Dowry Act ?

The government announced a certified form under the dowry act, which should be necessary to submit to the municipal and the union council for the extraction of the excessive Dowry at marriages. This form will include a list in which it is necessary to add all the items which are demanded by the male side.

Remember that: According to Punjab govt notification if someone caught while demanding dowry. He will be sent to jail along with his parents according to the dowry Act.

According to the senior analysts, this is the best solution to stop dowry in our society. There are also many rumors about this dowry Act.

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Dec 9 2019
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