Govt. Refused to Change the Petroleum Prices for October
By: Muhammad Aanish Mujahid
Oct 01, 2019

Govt. Refused to Change the Petroleum Prices for October

Islamabad: The Federal Government decided to unchanged the petroleum prices for October and go with the same regular prices, by rejecting the summary that sent earlier by oil and gas Authority.

Cause of Refusion of Summary

The government refuses to accept the OGRA summary just because of the rise in petroleum prices in the international market.

The finance ministry’s alert said the petroleum prices will be expected to rise until the mid-December according to the international market situation.

What is OGRA Price Notification Sent?

ogra price notification

On Friday, OGRA had sent a recommendation to the federal government with a proposal of reduction in the petrol price up to 2.25 per liter.

Source told the OGRA has recommended the reduction of prices of Petrol, Diesel, & Light Diesel up to Rs2.55, Rs3.23, and Rs2.41 on per liter.

Pakistani People always have an eye on the OGRA price notification, just to know about the variation in prices.

That’s not good news for the Pakistani awam. As they are suffering from a lot of crisis waiting for the reduction of petroleum prices. The cost of petroleum prices affects the price of other appliances that are construct through petrol, gas, & diesel.

Muhammad Aanish Mujahid

Muhammad Aanish Mujahid

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