Pakistan taxes new Policies | FBR Pakistan
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 25, 2019

Pakistan taxes new Policies | FBR Pakistan

The government of Pakistan introduced a new way to improve the Pakistan taxes process. The FBR (Federal Board Revenue) is introducing a new invoice monitoring system that will be installed in bakeries, beauty parlors, grocery stores and similarly all other shops for collecting Pakistan taxes from those who deserve the main purpose of this system is to know the actual sale from low-level shops.

When this Project will install by FBR Pakistan:


.The Federal board Revenue decided to expand the scope of this project to all over Pakistan but at first, this Electronic invoice monitoring system will be launched in only Islamabad as a pilot project. After the successful experiment of this project, this project will be installed in all over Pakistan. And to install this system in your shops, parlors will be necessary after the Islamabad project. .

Will this helpful to collect Taxation ?

According to FBR Pakistan, this monitoring system will help the Government to increase Pakistan's taxation revenue which will be used for the poor peoples of Pakistan.

FBR Pakistan: the decision of the implementation of this pilot project in Islamabad for taxation was made at a high-level meeting of FBR (Federal Board Revenue). .
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Dec 9 2019
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