New way to stop corruption by KPK Police  ..........!!!!!!!!!
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 19, 2019

New way to stop corruption by KPK Police ..........!!!!!!!!!

To stop the increasing rate of corruption in Pakistan, Peshawar police find a new way to stop corruption by policemen. The upper management issue notice that no one can have more than Rs 1000 in their pocket during the blockade on roads of Peshawar by kpk police.

Notification by Peshawar Police

According to this notification issued by Peshawar Police, legal action will take against the policemen who will keep more than Rs 1000in his pocket while blockading. Another decision taken by kpk police is, the police are not allowed to meet with their guests during blockade.

According to SSP operation Zahir Babar Afridi, the policemen on duty of blockade will be transferred after 15 days by kpk police.

Remember that: SSP also said that, there will be also surprise checking of the pockets of the kpk policemen who are on duty if the upper management finds some unnecessary thing or excess of money in their pockets then the legal action will take against them.

How to stop corruption in Pakistan:

Zahir Afridi also added to install CCTV cameras on the sensitive check posts to stop corruption and also the smuggling of drugs.

Remember that: according to Peshawar police, to stop the corruption in Pakistan this step will lead kpk police corruption free. .

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Dec 9 2019
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