Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia – Must Needed Muslim World Unity
By: Hamza Rana
Sep 26, 2019

Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia – Must Needed Muslim World Unity

The 74th UNGA session is right now going on in the New York City. Most of the head of states are there to attend the current session. Also there is a big news which is floating in international media from the last 24 hours that in a meeting Turkish president MR. Rajab Tayyab Erdogan, and with Malaysian prime minister DR. Mahathir Muhammad, Pakistani prime minister Imran khan decided that the three of them will formed an English news channel which will create a soft image of Muslims and also it is quite helpful to counter the wrong narrative against Islam and Islam phobia.

The cooperation of these three Islamic countries is the need of the time. And fortunately all three of them are very much concerned about the pity situation of all the Muslims around the globe. This joint block will create a major pillar of unity for the Muslim world also it will sooner or later will be a strong voice of all the Muslim community on every forum of the world.

These three countries have significant importance not only on the regional level but also on the international level. Like Malaysia which is situated in south East Asia is a developed country his economy is progressing day by day.

Although in terms of armed forces and defense country is not that much good but Malaysia had friendly relations with his neighbors so he is okay with it. On the other hand turkey which is situated between Eastern Europe and western Asia is also a major partner is the global politics.

Under the leadership of president Erodogen turkey playing its role a bit better in any conflict or problem which is related to the Muslim world like on the issue of Palestine and on the issue of Kashmir turkey stand strong with the narrative if the Muslim world and also raise voice in every possible way against the illegal occupation and the atrocities.

Lastly Pakistan the most important part of this block the only nuclear armed country in the whole Islamic world. A country which is facing challenges on every level of the world rather national or international but on the other hand the most important country which is situated in the south Asian region and because of its strategic location mostly every regional or global power wanted relationship with Pakistan in order to stay in the south Asian region and also make their influence. We can say that the world need Pakistan and its existence in every time rather its peace or war.

With the formation of this block it will generate finances and help all the Muslims of this world and it will further expand and other Muslim countries who believed that with the unity of Muslim ummah we will counter any problems and conspiracies against us and also eliminate our enemies. In my views a new Islamic organization is going to establish which is far better than the O.I.C.

Hamza Rana

Hamza Rana

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