Mehvish Hayat video Leaked | Informationbae
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Oct 01, 2019

Mehvish Hayat video Leaked | Informationbae

Fans become aggressive when Mehvish Hayat Refuse to discuss Kashmir issue.

Islamabad: video of prominent actress Mehvish Hayat refuses to discuss about the current situation of Kashmir went viral on social media. Users on social media are criticizing her and also demanding the Govt of Pakistan to withdraw the Medal (Tamgha Imtiaz) from the actress (Mehvish Hayat).

During the ceremony with the presidential award winning lady (Mehvish Hayat), a local news channel correspondent asked that you have taken the responsibility of supporting the street children, orphans. Have to ever think about the orphans of Kashmir who are in thousands? The actress (Mehvish Hayat) refuses to respond on Kashmir issue. He also added that I am forbidden to speak on Kashmir issue.

After getting Mehvish Hayat video, the fans of Mehvish Hayat becomes angry they also use bad words against her. In fact her fans also demanding to take back her medal (Tamgha Imtiaz) which was given him in a presidential ceremony from Govt of Pakistan. After this video leak, meanwhile it becomes tweeter top trend “ #ReviokeMehvishHayatCivilAward ”.

MEhvish hayat award

Reaction of Mehvish Hayat video

On the other hand after this, Mehvish Hayat also tweets that some people are changing the context of the video. He also said I already have highlighted the issue of Kashmir on different platforms and also will continue this and I have also a proper plan for it.

Mehvish Hayat also explained that this is the video of the function of a charity and they told me to avoid all irrelevant discussion on the political issue during the ceremony.

Remember that: Mehvish Hayat was present in the function of Penny Appeal organization. He was not the guest only in fact he was the ambassador of that organization.

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Dec 9 2019
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