Imran Khan in USA - What happening next ?
By: Hamza Rana
Sep 19, 2019

Imran Khan in USA - What happening next ?

In Pakistan, Prime minister Imran Khan visit to U.S.A has already been termed a great success. Visit of Imran Khan in USA which seems impossible few months back ended up by a diplomatic success and give a much needed boost to Pakistan in terms ofInternational and national fronts.

On the other hand Pakistan's hostile neighbor India is facing difficulties after joint media talk of P.M Imran Khan and President Donald Trump in which president trump reveal that prime minister Modi request or invite him to mediate to resolve the long standing issue of Kashmir. After this statement gone viral on world’s media and press a statement issued by the foreign office of India that no such statement given by Prime MinisterModi.

According to my views this entire visit gave Pakistan, America relationship a new way towards a new era. The way Donald Trump receive prime minister of Pakistan is quite surprising for everyone. And the meeting between the two leaders was going on for almost 3 hours. Many issues were discussed but the core issue was war between USA and Afghanistan& how Pakistan will facilitate U.S in talks with the Taliban. It is important to mention that the afghan war or the war on terror which is lead by united states it is the longest war ever fought by U.S and his allies.

Almost after 19 years of war they realized that there is only political solution of this situation. And all the world wanted peace in Afghanistan. Actually the main problem is that the united states of America is in deep trouble from the last some years because all the recent reports of American and western think tanks revealed that almost 65percent of the afghan land is under the control of Taliban so in this way the world biggest military might the united states of America is completed defeated by the Taliban.

Pakistan, America relationship From now they just wanted a safe passage for their forces to withdraw from afghan land so in this way they are satisfying Pakistan to help them in the peace talks with the Taliban leadership. Pakistan on the other hand is now helping united states again likewise it is helping since 2001. Imran khan realize that this is the final chance to make Pakistan, America relationship strong again and also gain support and help for the poor condition of economy. No doubt, prime minister khan present Pakistan’s point of view very well and to somehow the president trjump is convinced by Imran khan views. Also the welcome of overseas Pakistanis to Imran khan is also creating a better image of prime minister from the past Pakistani leadership.

When Imran khan in USA, the most significant message deliver by him is that he don’t want aid he wanted to enhance more trade with the united states of America based on mutual benefits. On the other hand some experts think that this all visit is successful just because of Pakistani establishment because in this visit that is the very first time or we can say it happened after a long time that the civil and the military leadership of the country is on the same page.

General Bajwa doctrine is working quite excellent especially in the context of Afghanistan because India is totally wipe out from afghan peace talks and Pakistan is acknowledged as a key stake holder and partner by united states of America, China , Russia and other gulf countries who are supporting the whole process. So we can still hope that peace and prosperity return to south Asia by 2020….

In this way, the visit of prime minister Imran Khan in USA is very effective and helpful, because this visit allows us the opportunity to get relief from the loan & stable our economy.

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