Today PM Imran Khan Address 74th UNGA Session – Very Important Speech about Kashmir
By: Muhammad Aanish Mujahid
Sep 27, 2019

Today PM Imran Khan Address 74th UNGA Session – Very Important Speech about Kashmir

PM Imran khan who is a well intelligent and polite personality today, on Friday will speech in UN General Assembly against the human's rights in Kashmir by India. Imran khan address in front of UNGA is the best approach to notify the world with Kashmir matter.

As India occupied Kashmir and do inhumanitarian acts on the people of Kashmir. Now the whole world keeps an eye towards this issue of Kashmir. This problem is not only for the Kashmir but also it becomes the reason of war between two countries India and Pakistan. Both countries are nuclear power holder. In case of any war it would affect the whole world. Pakistan tries his best to sort out the problem of Kashmir.

India treats Kashmir brutally & set up a curfew for almost two months ago. In this way, Imran Khan Address really important to throw light on the Kashmir inhumanitarian acts. People of Pakistan or the world waiting for this speech. United nation will not take any reaction against India due to their personal benefits.

PM Imran Khan Speech in Front of Editors of The New York Times

Earlier, in his press conference with the editors of The New York Time, he explains a very alarming situation of India-Occupied Kashmir. As soon as curfew release from Kashmir, it would make a very massacre situation.

xactly, PM Imran says “This is very dangerous because people don’t realize where it’s headed. It’s going to be a massacre, the moment they lift the curfew.”

Imran Khan Appeal to the united nations will take a series notice about the India occupation on Kashmir. If the UN Assembly would do nothing then how can do.

Ignoring this issue is not the solution of it. From now, if United Nations delay it more, it will cause a major reason for the war.

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