Earthquake Today in Pakistan | informationbae
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 25, 2019

Earthquake Today in Pakistan | informationbae

Azad Kashmir: In the earthquake today at least 25 people were killed and more than 400 peoples were injured in different areas of Azad Kashmir. Punjab and KPK also face the earth quake badly including Islamabad. The earthquake in Pakistan was so severe in Azad Kashmir which spread panic. People came out from there building, offices, houses and shop along offering Kalima Tayyabah after earthquake today.

Prediction of Epicenter after Earthquake:

According to Epicenter, the magnitude of the earthquake in Pakistan was 5.8 and the depth was more than 10 km and the center of this Earthquake is Mirpur, the city of Azad Kashmir.

Interior Minister: the interior minister of Kashmir also confirmed that the total deaths has been increasing more 25 as a result of this Earthquake today in Azad Kashmir including Mirpur.

Steps from different agencies after earthquake in Pakistan

Chairman NDMA: Lt. Gen. Muhammad Afzal said that some of the areas of Mirpur were affected by the earthquake in Pakistan but lucky, Mangala Dam was not affected by the earth Quake. The turbines were taken to shut down only as a precaution for temporarily.

Pakistan and Kashmir all related concerning departments had done different tasks in affected areas. Some of them are as follow:
1. Troop had arrived in affected areas.

2. PDMA also participating in relief works. They also sent 20 ambulances and 100 rescue persons.

3. PDMA also provides Foods and medicines to affected areas.

4. PM Raja Farooq Haider shortens his visit to Lahore as he reported the news of Earthquake. He also orders to teams to fasten their speeds.

5. NDM authority is already aware that aftershocks can came within the next 24 hours.

6. Army chief Qamar Bajwa also directed the Pakistan Army to take immediate part in relief. Epicenter also warns Kashmir high alert.

Mangala Powerhouse is facing the worst load shedding in many cities including Punjab, Kashmir, and KPK.

Mangala Powerhouse was generating 920 MQ of power. but after earthquake today the water becomes dirty that’s why Mangala powerhouse turbines have been shut down due to security measures which leads to severe load shedding around multiple cities. However, turbines of Mangala dam will be resumed after the cleanness of water..

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