Donald Trump News Today After Kabul Attack
By: Ali Shuja Malik
Sep 11, 2019

Donald Trump News Today After Kabul Attack

US President Donald Trump: in his latest speech of Donald Trump says talks with the Taliban are completely over now.

Relation between Kabul attack and Afghan Taliban:

While talking with seniors reporters in the white house, United States President Donald Trump said as for I am in government, talk with Taliban are over now, because they used to kill people to make a place during negotiations.

On the other hand, the Taliban says over the Donald Trump news today, the biggest loss of life and financial loss will be also to the United States itself after cancel negotiations.

BBC (British broadcaster): according to BBC, the spoke person of Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid responded to the announcement of the cancelation of the President Donald trump Peace talks between US representatives and Afghan Taliban have exposed their anti-peace initiative.

Spoke person from Afghan Taliban:

The spoke person of Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid also said after the cancelation of these talks would be the biggest loss of America itself. He also added after this no one around the world again believes in America. This decision will also damage America’s reputation internationally.

Remember that: Us president cancels the negotiation after the attack of Kabul. Donald Trump tweets that there were to be some separate meetings with Taliban leaders and Afghan president tonight which I cancel now because the Taliban acknowledges Kabul's attack on which our 11 soldiers died including one great soldier.

The spokesperson of the Taliban also added that everything was going well until Saturday but suddenly before the final signing of the agreement US President step back which shows the US’s lack of maturity and anti-peace ambitions.

Remember that: the final meeting was proposed by the United States of America was after nine rounds of talks between Afghan Taliban and US representatives, which was now held in Doha the capital Qatar.

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